I can’t tell you what an incredible privilege it is for me to be at these sessions. The Lord used Breaking Free so much in my life when I was coming out of Weigh Down…truly used it to do an important work that had to be done. While I didn’t experience freedom right away (I was eating the seed instead of sowing it…), it was an investment in the future work that God would do and has now done and continues to do.

I am so pleased to be a part of this.

Here are thoughts in brief about what is my favorite session so far.

If you have visited the blog or the TW forums, you know that I love to share the importance of the moment in experiencing victory. I was so encouraged to hear this session was a powerful lesson on the moment! Thank you, Lord, for that confirmation. But Beth put meat on the bones of what this means to me.

She began by sharing the valid point that prayerless lives are powerless lives. Conversely, prayerful lives are powerful lives.

She pointed out that we will never get to our “milestone” of freedom if we don’t get through our moment. To grab a hold of this moment, this choice, this decision in the NOW, when I face the temptation RIGHT NOW, I can pray out to God… “Jesus! Deliver me! HELP ME!”

She further pointed out that, in that moment, there are a couple of reasons we may not choose to pray…one, is that we don’t really *want* to. If we can make it a prayer of our lives that, in that moment of temptation, our “want to” will be different, we may find ourselves able to call out to the Lord. The second reason we may not pray in that moment is because we don’t feel like we deserve to be free or deserve to talk to God about it.


This was definitely my favorite session so far and I wrote notes all over my listening guide–not just in the blanks.

I love this: “God’s Word was meant to apply to the ugly life and make it beautiful.” Yes, Lord!

She pointed out that we will never remain free based on doing what we think we ought to. Sure, it is a good motivation for starting. But we will ultimately fall back on doing what we want. That is why we need to keep asking God to change our “want to.” Ask him to help you to want to change when that moment that the temptation hits. Ask him in *advance* for that…and then make the choice in that moment. Like she said numerous times, until we can get through our moment of temptation, we won’t get to our milestone. One moment after another is how it is done. It is how the territory is won for the Lord.

Some of us are in a hurry and wonder why this has to be such a long process. Beth pointed out that the Lord Jesus is all about relationship. Certainly, sometimes he does choose to deliver instantaneously. He can. But if that doesn’t happen, he allows a long process so that He becomes dearer to me than my deliverance. He is more interested in my getting to know the Healer than just experiencing the Healing. He doesn’t want me to miss it.

This session was absolutely incredible…(well, they all are…)