Beth referred to 2 Timothy 3:1-7 for session 9. Beth Moore turned the focus just a bit from captivity of habitual sin to the fact that relationships can often become strongholds. Or that is how I interpret the gist of it…and it definitely applies in my own life.

Just some short thoughts that came of this session for me…

* Relationships can be toxic. There are typically red flares that the Lord will give us–checks in our spirit–to let us know that something is up. That something is potentially toxic or just not right. We need to refuse to be taken into captivity. We must flee at times like these…or often enough.

* Healthy relationships grow. Beware of instant intimacy. (I would add that this is potentially true especially with internet “relationships.”)

* My “soulmate” is Jesus Christ alone.

Session 10

* If I am struggling with breaking free, ask the question, “What am I afraid of?” Perhaps there is also a stronghold of fear. God has not given me a spirit of fear, but of love, power and a sound mind.

* I am a “warrior princess.” This is a battle and I have divine weapons to DEMOLISH strongholds.

* Evaluate which fight is really the right fight. Don’t expend energy on the lesser things, but some things are worth fighting for…my children, my marriage, for example.

* When people are still in bondage and I feel an agitation in my spirit because they refuse to be free, I need to extend them grace and truth.

* I must take heed when I think I stand, lest I fall.

* Freedom is NO sin ruling over me habitually.

* I must keep in the battle with the double-edge sword in my hand.