Image Source: iStock Photo

Image Source: iStock Photo

I am preparing to go on a true vacation—one where I won’t be owned by my cell phone or email…even though these are things I love as I get to talk to wonderful people like you all! My husband and I are going to Grand Cayman on Saturday and will be gone through the 22nd of September.  After I return from that trip, I have a lot more traveling planned before October 17th when I get to stay home for a few weeks.

What that means is this blog will reflect my absence. I will schedule posts, but some will be re-runs, some will be Truth Card suggestions, bible verse devotions, and some will be references to other posts elsewhere that I think would be incredibly valuable and I want to share them with you.

Since I am trying to get a lot done this week, I am beginning now to cut back on time I spend preparing blog posts.

Today’s recommendation is to an online magazine article, Breaking Up With Your Ideal Self.” It is written by Allie Marie Smith who wrote the Healthy Eating Abundant Living book with Judy Halliday and who runs the Wonderfully Made ministry. I hope you will visit her article and be blessed. Then come back here and give feedback!

What About You?

Can you relate at all to Allie’s admission that her real self and ideal self have been separated by an ever increasing chasm?

How have you responded to this, if so?

Do you let your ideal self rob you of the joy that could be yours today?

What could you start to do today to stop this tendency?

Finally, Allie asked the question: How are you going to live your one valuable and irreplaceable life as the real, completely un-ideal you?