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Want to get serious about renewing your mind?

Want to take the bull by the horns?

Are you sick and tired of the embarrassment and shame that you feel for your size or your eating behavior?

Are you willing to get a little crazy to do something about this? Proactive?

Are you desperate?

How about taking the “Set the Timer Challenge?”

It’s a three day challenge, but you can take it as long as you want…half a day, one day…a week! Whatever!

Here is how it works.

Select 5 truths that, if you really believed them, would turn your life around. Truths that have to do with eating, with people, with God, with yourself—anything is fair game. For the purposes of the focus of this blog, I recommend that it has to do with eating in some way, but pray and see how God would lead you.

Here are some to choose from:

1. No food tastes as good as obedience feels.

2. Starting NOW with following my boundaries will bring a quicker victory!

3. God walks with me through my challenges!

4. I am more than a conqueror through Christ!

5. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me, including eat only a fist-sized portion.

6. I feel best when I eat when I am hungry and stop after a small amount of food—when I am physically satisfied.

7. I refuse to bow to food any longer. Christ is my King!

8. I don’t need to diet to release extra weight—I can eat the amount of food that my body calls for and land on my natural, healthy size and maintain it!

9. Evening eating (outside of 0 and 5) is NOT worth the price I pay.

10. The sooner I live by my boundaries, the sooner I will experience the freedom Christ died to give me!

Set your timer on your watch or your computer or you cell phone (or whatever). You can set it for any increment you want to. I have mine set for 30 minutes, but that is a bit much for most people.

When the timer goes off, commit yourself to the Lord afresh, “Lord, I offer my eating, my choices, my heart and mind to you again.” Then, choose one of your truths to say out loud (or, if you aren’t in a place you can do that, to just go over again in your mind.)

If you do this for three days, I am CONVINCED you will experience some radical transformations beginning to take place from the inside out. This is where LASTING CHANGE has to occur! INSIDE! Romans 12:2 tells us not to conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but to be transformed by the renewing of our minds. Let’s do it!

How about You?

What is your plan? Will you take the “Set the Timer Challenge?” What will that look like for you? Do you have an accountability partner? If so, ask her to hold you accountable. If not, feel free to report here! We can DO THIS!