If we allow ourselves to be conscious of His presence in the rhythms of life, we won’t hesitate to include Him when we eat. Thin Within, page 153.

God has been working on me in a BIG way in my prayer life. There still seems to be a disconnect, but it is being worked on! Because of reading partway through the book, Soul Revolution, I set my timer on my watch to go off every hour. When it goes off, no matter what I am doing (well, most of the time), I try to reconnect with God. Sometimes it is a “Hi, Lord. Thank you for being constantly mindful of me.” Sometimes it is “I praise you for being Almighty King…” Sometimes it is “Thank you for stopping me before I made a bad choice” or “Lord, I confess that I am in sin in this moment and I choose to set my flesh aside in favor of your will over my own…”

It really makes a difference.

Obviously, sometimes I use the reminder to lift up a specific prayer need as well.

If I am in a conversation with someone, the reminder causes me to commit my words to Him.

Please know that I don’t believe for one minute this practice makes me some sort of “super Christian,” either! In fact, what it does is humble me as so often, my heart is SO far from the Lord when the reminder comes that it blows me away…I mean, if I am to pray without ceasing, then I wonder what about the other 59 minutes in each hour! Yikes! I have set my timer more frequently, but it seemed to get a bit laborious.

It is something else when I am in the midst of eating beyond satisfied and the timer goes off. :-/ God’s timing is impeccable!

Today I will do the favorite meal exercise that is on page 154 and 155. I hope you will do the same. Tell us here what you plan to do for your “Perfect Meal” and/or report what you experience. I would LOVE to hear about it. This is where the practical “rubber hits the road!”

I plan on buying some Chinese food at the local restaurant and bring it home to enjoy. I will be totally, 100% at a zero when I do this, will play some favorite soft music and make it a time of wonderful fellowship with the Lord, as well.

I am looking forward to it!