Emotions are so powerful. So often, emotions that affect me are triggered by a lot of things–and not always in the here and now. I have found it helpful to get to the root of what is going on…looking at my behavior…the emotions that seem to be behind it and then evaluating.. “Why am I responding with this emotion?” Sometimes, it isn’t even rooted in reality!

For instance, there are a lot of things happening at my church these days. I am very involved and so this affects me deeply. Many people I love a great deal have left and even our pastor is leaving by the end of July. I have found myself responding with a broad variety of emotions…VERY extreme, at times. From absolute overwhelming sadness, to extreme anger…at people, at leadership, at GOD! And I have had a million other emotions, too!

As I analyzed this, I began to realize that some of what was happening inside of me (and subsequently affecting my outward behavior) was rooted in wounds of my past. My extreme emotional reaction that made me want to head for the hills and not look back was because of all kinds of wounds of the past that had not yet really healed. God helped to dismantle my reactions and has begun to work his healing…so that I can do “present time” living–responding now to what is really happening now.

All of this influences my eating–my coping mechanisms of all kinds–whatever I do not to feel so intensely.

I would love to know what the Lord showed you, if you did the emotional eating exercise on pages 68 and 69 in chapter 7 of Thin Within.

God definitely revealed some things to me in my reading and I am so thankful for His faithfulness to do so. For me, for instance, I don’t have a tendency to eat too much when I am emotional or tired–not like in the past. What I seem to have now, is a tendency to want to drink certain drinks that have been challenges for me to keep in moderation in my life, like Diet Cherry Pepsi or something like that. It seems now I have to watch myself when I am overly tired or feeling frustrated, angry, or emotionally disconnected from my husband (he travels a lot)…I don’t tend to sit down with a half gallon of ice cream or a tub of cookie dough as I did in the past, but I will want to “sneak” a favorite drink that I have to keep in moderation in my life…

It isn’t so much the *what* that concerns me as the attitude of “sneaking” and “I deserve this!”

Yikes! So the Lord has shown me that yes there IS work to do! 🙂 How about for you?

Did you read the reasons we overeat? Which of these can you relate to?

I would love to know if anyone here tries the suggestions made at the bottom of page 71 to put signs on the fridge or cupboard that says, “Am I really hungry?” or “Do I want to bury my feelings by eating when I’m not hungry?” or “Do I really want to be my natural God-given size?”

Let us know if it helps you to run to the Lord instead!

As you become more aware of your fat machinery, it really will dismantle a bunch of the reasons you may turn to food for reasons other than physiological hunger.

I hope you keep spending time praising God for his attributes and the way he interacts with you, his precious child!