Life has been quite busy since I returned from my trip to see Jan. God is just reaffirming to me again and again that worship, praise, giving gratitude to him is the heart of life. It is really hard to walk in sin when I walk in worship. Worship causes me to exalt God to his rightful place. It places me beneath his authority. It puts me where I belong–it humbles me. Pride can’t exist when I worship, praise and exalt the Lord no matter what happens.

When it comes to eating…this is vital. If you struggle with returning again and again to behaviors that you know are hindering your walk with God, try to stop everything and anything else and take time to praise and worship God just for who He is. Take time to sing to him, to journal prayers about everything you are grateful for. Go through the psalms that praise Him specifically and say outloud how thankful you are for His attributes: “God I praise you that you are sovereign, that you know the end from the beginning–that NOTHING is beyond your sight!” “God I praise you for your provision and creativity. The fact that I am even capable of overeating demonstrates that I live in bounty. Thank you.” …and so on…

If you try this, take note of what happens. If you feel tempted, start worshiping God. If you feel like you have had a great day, worship God. If you feel downcast, worship God. If you feel worried, worship God.

I know it sounds simplistic and trite, but something amazingly powerful happens when we worship God. Barnabas and Silas were in prison and when they praised God, their chains fell off. They were free. Maybe there is a lesson for us there… 🙂

When I get off track, it sure seems like it is a barometer…have I been worshipping God? Have I been praising Him? Have I allowed my focus to become ME centered again? Praising, worshiping, giving gratitude to God is a wonderful antidote.