Sometimes, even if I seem to be in a deep pit where I can’t see my way clear, it doesn’t take much for me to get clarity. Sometimes an honest step back is all it takes.

I haven’t been taking time to be with my horses much lately. In the past week, I have taken way more time than in the previous 4 weeks put together!

Today, just after posting my previous blog entry, I met a friend out at the “Omstead Loop.” There, I had a most amazing ride on my horse, Harley, my heartbeat. Once again, he was the perfect gentleman. Even my friend commented on how much he has changed… YAY!

It is funny how being out there is so cathartic, so therapeutic for me. I have said that in the past that if I would just allow myself that time with my horses out on the trail, perhaps things wouldn’t seem so horribly intense when I am at home or facing “issues.” None of the situations I am currently facing went away, certainly, but I found myself “softening”…which is a term we use in the kind of horsemanship I practice for a change in the mind and heart of the horse (and rider) that affects the body–the feet–the posture as well.

A softening of my heart and mind has happened that is affecting my posture toward the Lord in this…

As I returned home after such a delightful morning out on the trail, I found myself willing to at least work on the need to forgive, instead of shutting down. I *am* tired of always being soooo myopic, but I know that the Lord is using this time of processing to go deep…a deep cleansing is happening.

So far today, my eating has been fine. 🙂