She huddles close to me, uncertain.

The wind batters the house, she follows me as I do chores and go about my morning.

She doesn’t know that there is nothing to fear. To her, the world is unsafe just now. And there is comfort that comes from being close to her master.

I reach down and pet her head and her eyes look up at me, adoringly. The fear fades for a moment.

The wind concerns my golden retriever. Usually, not one to cling to me, this moment flushes out something different in her character. This rare lack of confidence surfaces.

The trials of the wind have caused her to see she is beyond herself.

So she lays at my feet, or becomes my shadow going from room to room as I put away laundry, pick up after the kids–gosh, I can’t even go the bathroom alone right now. 🙂

I want to be like this. When something unsettles me, I want to run to my Master, to sit at his feet, stay close by His side. Follow him.

I know I will find the comfort I seek.

Come to think of it, I don’t want it to take the wind to make me want to stay close.