Beginning the first week of May, we will launch into a study of Healthy Eating & Abundant Living by Allie Marie Smith and Judy Halliday.

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The reasons I chose it for our study:

  1. The survey said people wanted a deep study of Thin Within. The GOOD news is you can get HEAL for about $10 or so shipped. Check this link. So while this isn’t the Thin Within workbooks, it does teach the same principles or it wouldn’t have Judy Halliday’s name on it.
  2. HEAL touches on issues that I think are deeply connected to renewing our minds as we have been. I think it will be a great fit.
  3. Because the book is a 6 week study, we will be done before summer gets rolling!
  4. Although it is written with a younger audience in mind (college girls), you will find that we definitely identify with the struggles mentioned in this book. We have all been that age and many of us were right there in the trenches.  I have talked with enough older women to know that many of our struggles are the same ones we had decades ago! The voice and refreshing approach will encourage you and renew you, as well as challenge you. We will continue to renew our minds as we use this material, too.

This study will be similar to what we have been doing. Each Monday starting May 6, I will post the assignment along with a video. Each Saturday there will be a summary and wrap up of some sort, usually with another video. Like I have been doing now, Sunday – Friday, there will be other material—all to support you on the Thin Within/HEAL journey!

If this sounds good to you, get your book hereAllow plenty of time for shipping so you are ready to start with us May 6th.

We will have about a week off in between Barb’s study and the HEAL study. I hope you will dive in and join us!