Image Source: Stock Exchange

Image Source: Stock Exchange

This post is from a lady I met on the Thin Within Accountability page at Facebook. When she posted this piece there earlier this week, I just had to ask her if I could share it with you all!


I was a scale junkie. I would weigh every day and it would set off what kind of day I would have. If the numbers were high I’d eat because, what’s the point? Since the numbers were usually high, most of my days were what’s the point days.

So when I started this journey I told the Lord I would weigh once a month, on the first day of the month. That first month I could feel in the way my clothes were fitting that I’d lost weight. I was so excited that on the last day of the month I stayed up till midnight and at 12:01 I was on the scale. I was sooooo disappointed! After all my self-righteous ‘obedience’ I had shed 3 lousy little pounds!

I went to bed that night ranting and raving at God. After all, my results on previous diets were historically better in a month. I was outraged! He had told me this was the real thing, so why didn’t it live up to my expectations? How was that fair?

But God…. by this time it had been 22 days … 22 days of experiencing God’s PARDON, God’s PROVISION, God’s PRESENCE, and God’s POWER! As I lay there wallowing in my disappointment over the lousy scale, my Heavenly Daddy reviewed with me my journey so far. The freedom and the breakthroughs that I had experienced in a very short time. Then He said to me, “This has nothing to do with weight. The size of your body is none of your business.”

So I surrendered. The number on the scale is none of my business. God is the foreman of my restoration project. It will happen when it happens in His timing and His power.

My job is to love Him, to seek Him and to draw near. To trust Him and to abide in Him. To depend on Him for everything. To look to him in every trial and every joy. To recognize His gifts in everyday things…like the baby bird feather that floated in the air and landed on my shoe as I walked through the parking lot of my office, all worked up about another difficult day.

That’s my God!! He does what He does, and by His grace, in humble obedience, I’ll do whatever He calls me to do. In every triumph there is joy… In every failure there is grace.

~ LBG ~ Loved by God and Living by Grace