God is faithful. Miracles never cease! I wonder at this change in my heart. God had to overcome some very serious obstacles. But he has caused me to literally be done with excuses for the past 4 weeks.

He used someone who loves horses and the Lord to invite me to faithfulness. I won’t go into that story now after all, as it was apparently just a stepping stone to get me where he now has me, walking again with Him, but…well….this is different. I wish I understood it.

In a way, I hope it is indication that he has delivered me. Dare I hope that? Hmm…

One thing God brought to my heart powerfully was that when I continue to indulge my fleshly lusts without regard for what my body needs (less food), I am indulging sinful lusts similar to the sex addict. I was living in fear that I would go to an early grave due to a heart attack or other obesity related reasons. I wondered what my husband would do to take care of our children (whom I homeschool). What would he do for our home, the horses and dogs? He would have a truckload of things to deal with.

That is when it struck me…this is what happens when the sexual addict continually indulges *his* lusts….families are torn apart. Maybe not by death, but in some ways, the aftermath is very similar…single parents left to figure out how to fill the holes in the lives of the children and home.

Boy, did that convict my heart.

Since that realization, I have been more motivated to fix my eyes on Jesus and the goal of bringing my body, the temple of the Holy Spirit, to as healthy state as possible.

It helps to find that Judy had me on her heart yet again…we are in communication again and I hope to be able to help her with the new thing that is LITERALLY going on with Thin Within!