Often I get asked what made the difference for me…what, after all the years I had played with eating this way, writing with the Hallidays and working for the Thin Within company…what finally made things “click” for me so that I began experiencing victory in my eating.

One of the most vital things was covered in this lesson in The Lord’s Table workbook.

Life is not all about my problems, my desires, my weight, me at all. It is ALL about the Lord God!

When someone has gone through all the Thin Within workbooks (there are currently four of them), read the Thin Within book, read Thin Again (or the current title of the same book, Get Thin Stay Thin), and still is wondering “What now? What will CHANGE me? What can I read that will make me different?” my answer has to be it isn’t WHAT, it is who.

Our focus is so very often on ourselves.

God wants THIS time to be DIFFERENT. And so a different focus is required.

I have encouraged people who ask me how to make *this* time through the Thin Within materials (or I would say the same thing for those who go through The Lord’s Table again, too), to *this* time, instead of making it be about you, do as much as you can to learn about the Lord. For instance, if you are going through the Thin Within workbook, keep a log of all the attributes, characteristics and behaviors of God. Take time to get to know him.

The last time I went through the TW workbook (for the umpteenth time), I did this and here is a partial list just in the first couple of lessons:
– God invites me
– God has a plan, purpose, hope, and future planned
– God is faithful
– God does the impossible
– God embraces me
– God is doing a new thing
– God FINISHED the work on the cross
– God’s grace is immeasurable and steadfast
– He transforms me through His Word
– He grounds me through His Word
– He supplies power through the Holy Spirit

etc! There are so many, space doesn’t allow!

As I get to know HIM more and focus MORE on HIM, my wants, my desires, my “rights,” fade in significance. As I get to know Him, I discover so much about HIM and it floods my vision and my heart full! There is no emptiness, no “woe is me,” just exaltation of HIM and a humbling of self with appropriate quietness before the Lord.

This lesson of TLT is about this very thing…about looking upon the Lord and His attributes.

Course Member Cindy writes: “My view of God has been too low, and my view of myself has been too high. I can see that now. I have been prideful, I have thought that whatever I want to eat I deserve to eat. I have thought that I was so important that I deserve whatever I am craving. I see now that all this stems from an inadequate view of God, and of my relationship to Him. HE alone is great. HE alone is deserving of praise. HE is the important One…” (TLT, p. 82)

Application: This just happened to me. I did this lesson this morning and had been meaning to post about it when I got a spare moment today. But one demand upon another took priority. As I was sitting watching Caspian with my family tonight, I got a thought of something I wanted to eat. I found myself thinking about the food…what it would taste like, how *I* wanted it…and how *I* could justify it. Fortunately, I realized it…and chose to whisper a prayer (by the grace of God!), “Lord, please change my want to!” like Beth Moore mentioned in the Breaking Free tapings.

Then I began to fix my eyes on Jesus, the author and perfector of my faith. I suddenly realized that I could let the food I wanted go…I had no need for it. He *was* more than enough for me in the moment. I had to concentrate for a few moments on HIM, yes. If I had focused on “I can’t have that, I can’t have that…” I believe it would have backfired.

With the little strength I had, I breathed a prayer and God moved in! He made it happen! I focused on Him and the fact that He went to the cross so I wouldn’t be in bondage to sin. He was pierced for my sins…

I found that it is true…when I turn my eyes on Jesus and look full in his wonderful face, the things of earth really DO grow dim in the light of his glory and grace (just like I spouted off about the other day).

Thank you, Lord.