1 John 2:12-14 is the focus of this lesson. It points out that there are different levels of maturity or growth in our Christian lives.

Some of us are children in our faith. We may be children for a long season. And children are characterized by stumbling and falling a lot…but they keep getting up if they are in Christ, they prevail themselves upon the grace and forgiveness of God.

Many of us seem to live a long time in this place relative to our disordered eating. I know I did–and still sometimes revert to this place as well. But God’s grace is present and applicable. I can be forgiven each time I stumble.

However, His grace also is a provision to move me forward…to grow me up.

Last night, my kids and I watched the movie, The Water Horse. I was reminded of a couple of scenes of this movie during the lesson today. The story was about a baby Loch Ness “monster” that grew exponentially from being the size of a puppy to a huge brontosaurus-type (and size) creature in short order.

The Lord’s grace can grow us spiritually every bit as much as the food this creature ingested grew him. More so, in fact. This is GOD! 🙂 I need to feast on HIM and HIS Word as The Lord’s Table workbook has been saying. When I do, I will grow up in my faith.

1 Corinthians 13:11 makes reference that it may be time to put childish things behind. When I have a temper tantrum about wanting food even when I am not hungry, I get so childish and act like a baby! Can you relate? “But I WANT that!” I whine! Goodness. Maybe it is time to put this childish attitude behind and press on to know Him more. To allow Him to give me the grace to have victories more consistently…to grow up in the faith.