This lesson touches on one of the few things that I feel has TRANSFORMED (and continues to transform) my journey down this road. That of contentment or lack thereof.

The discontented heart is always craving; it is never satisfied. (TLT, p. 95)

Discontentment breeds craving. Discontentment breeds addiction and bondage. (TLT, p. 96)

God led me some time ago to begin a gratitude blog specifically to combat a spirit of discontentment and pride. I don’t keep it updated, but I do feel that gratitude is becoming more and more a habit of my life.

This lesson in TLT focuses on verses from Numbers 11. Mike Cleveland exposes the fact that a spirit of discontentment can result in craving that which the Lord has not provided. If we give in to this, it will lead potentially to death as it did with the Israelites.

I can definitely identify with this. When I want something outside of godly boundaries, I have a choice. I can think about what I want and what I don’t get to have or shouldn’t have or all the sacrifices I have to make (can you hear the whine in my voice?), or I can choose to foster a spirit of contentment and gratitude. When I intentionally choose to combat a spirit of discontent with a spirit of gratitude, I render pride inoperative. It is a death blow to Satan in that moment. He can’t have his way with me. I am humbled as I praise God for His provision and care. I esteem HIM as Lord instead of insisting “not THY will, but MINE be done.”

For years I allowed discontentment to live unhindered. It resulted in greed and cravings that I indulged. My health deteriorated. Death was imminent.

But then God intervened…

The teaching about contentment and gratitude is HUGE in making our way down this path and being rid of ungodly eating habits and, ultimately, the physical weight as well. Not only that, but it permeates every aspect of my life. When I am intentional about fostering gratitude, I am transformed!

What a great time of year to practice this! We have opportunities for a crash course in gratitude and contentment right now! Christmas will be different for our family this year…and with awareness of that, we have all felt frustrated and grumbled a lot. NO MORE. I will choose to be thankful for healthy family members. No one is in the hospital! No one is ill. My kids are a delight to me. My husband comes home to ME and is faithful. He has a job (so many people are out of work right now). I have a wonderful home and more than I ever could have dreamed. My walk with God is vibrant. The King of the Universe is constantly aware of me! I have His Word and a bible-teaching church to attend. I have the pleasure and privilege of participating on the worship team and leading a bible study for women in my home. So many blessings!

I will choose to be content with God’s portion in my life. This applies to material things *and* to food. He is my portion.

Therefore, let us set out not so much to overcome our cravings but rather to learn how to be content with God and His provision for us. (TLT, p. 96)