Day 30

It really IS the beginning now. I lament the book study being behind me. I have studied the book so many times and never felt this way. LOL! I think this is a good thing!

In evaluating my goals from Day 3 and if I had accomplished them or not, while the book didn’t ask me to do this, I thought it would be wise.

Goal 1 – Be in a pair of jeans hanging in my closet by Day 30. Be able to wear them comfortably in public. Closing in on a certain weight.

This goal is accomplished. I have been wearing these jeans for a week now. Praising the Lord for that one! I am about 3 pounds away from the weight I had hoped to “close in on.” This means I have released about 22 pounds since I began. I would yet like to release at least that much and see where God takes me to be the size He plans for me to maintain in good health.

Goal 2: Exercise 4x a week.

This goal was accomplished until this week! With horses to vets and the Christmas craziness, I forgot to chisel time into my schedule. So many unexpected things happened. I am not beating myself up for it, but realize that I must plan it into my life just like I do my quiet time. Typically, I exercise after our school day at about 3pm. But when life goes into hyperdrive, that isn’t a reliable time of day. I have really been loving using the computer program DANCE PRAISE! It is a blast and very encouraging to my faith to move around to popular Christian songs.

Goal 3: Clean Hot Spots

This goal is accomplished. But now I must reclaim the downstairs room!

Additionally, I had some other things I wanted to be willing to do…and God worked them in me. I was in the Christmas production and did this at the last minute. I wouldn’t have been willing to before…or I doubt it anyhow. So this was a big deal and it was a blessing. My daughter was in it and my husband and son worked the lights and some sound, so it was a whole family thing. Lots of fun. I praise God for this!

All of these things…well, none of them would have happened ordinarily. This is all God’s work. I anticipate yet more things ahead.

Back to the book.

I don’t typically like the surveys in the book, but, today, I went along with it and took the survey in Day 30 to compare with Day 2. It was actually VERY exciting to see some significant differences. Among the differences that I listed on page 321 and 322 are:

  • I am more intimate with the Lord. He doesn’t seem as distant. My experience of truth is a bit more in line with what I believe in my head is true.
  • I tend to believe I can change by His power and stay out of the way of derailing my own goals. I can envision realizing the goals instead of scoff at myself for making them.
  • I am not as ME centered or ME focused. It is about God GOD GOD!!! Not the food or me or whatever else.
  • It is more clear than ever before that this is not about food, but is about submitting my will to Him in everything.
  • Each moment stands as land taken for self/pride or given in surrender to Him.
  • What I am in each moment is ultimately seen in “the bigger things”

The chapter closes with a challenge that encouraged me:

…cling tenaciously to the Savior who has bought you, the King that has wooed you, the Master that has freed you, and the Hero that has rescued you. (page 322)

I am floored at the things God has done and thankful for His love and grace.