Just some quotes from this morning’s lesson:

First of all, let me challenge the common definition of “progress.” If we were on a diet, or a weight loss plan or rogram, then “progress” would be defined as losing weight. After all, that is the purpose of the diet, and without weight loss we have made no progress. But we are not on a mere diet; we are making healthy changes in our whole lifestyle (spiritual and physical) so, progress should be defined as purposely enjoying the Lord, eating in a disciplined manner every day, making sure we get a moderate amount of exercise and remaining accountable for these life habits. (TLT, p. 111)

If you count progress as developing a lifestyle that honors the Lord, and now persist in your newly developed lifestyle [of 1.) Delighting the Soul 2.) Disciplining the Body 3.) Developing accountability — mentioned previously], you will lose the weight and you will keep it off. Learn to focus on habits and lifestyle, not on rapid weight loss and temporary progress. (TLT, p.112)

His strength is made perfect in our weakness, and we can do all things through Him including persevere. Will you? (TLT, p. 113)