I am one that typically doesn’t like to beat around the bush. It just never seems to serve any purpose but to massage away truth, so why do it?

Today’s lesson in The Lord’s Table workbook hits the nail on the head.

For the years that I carried 100 pounds of extra weight, I don’t think I would have been terribly receptive to the message shared in the lesson in TLT today. In fact, in spite of my being somewhat direct usually, I hesitate sharing it on the blog here. I know that many who come along to this blog will see this entry as their first exposure possibly to Thin Within

Rather than having anything I post here be used to heap condemnation on the soft-hearted sojourner, I want to remain sensitive to the tender one who is earnestly seeking the Lord (possibly through tears…) about how to break free from habitual struggles with overeating and lethargy.

Someone reading this feels emprisoned in their body…she wants so desperately to break out. The last thing I want is for anything posted here to be used of the enemy to add yet more shackles of shame or guilt to the prison…The Lord has blown the door of the prision cell!

In a nutshell, a summary of today’s lesson in TLT workbook…

Those of us struggling with our weight often are dealing with…well, very specifically…with gluttony and laziness.


Gluttony and laziness are sins for which
Jesus was crucified, and from which we can become completely free, by His grace.
(TLT, p. 164)

I hope you hear the above message! YES, these are sins like many others (gossip, slander, stealing, drunkenness, etc)…but we can ALL be free! Jesus died for ALL sins and the shame of the sin as well. We can become completely, 100% FREE! Do you believe this? Do I?

In our society we don’t often hear this message that struggling with weight is *often* (not always) a result of gluttony and laziness. Instead, we consider the habits that lead us to being miserable in our bodies a “nuisance” or as if we are “victims” instead of sinful people all in need of a Savior.

But that is the point! We don’t need to feel beat up about this! Instead of being hammered into the ground as worthless and rotten (a lie from the pit of hell), we are esteemed so highly by the GOD of the UNIVERSE that He gave His Son so that we might experience victory over EVERYthing that plagues us and rise above all our earthly struggles!

This is GREAT news! Denying our state does nothing to help us. Calling it something else…an “addiction,” a “condition,” whatever…it doesn’t change us. Acknowledging that we are beggars in need of bread makes all the difference in the world. In humility, I can come to the Lord and receive the FEAST for my SOUL that He has provided through Jesus’ offering on the cross for me.

He died for me to be free from ALL sin! Oh, let him not die in vain!