First things first:

Winner of the contest this week is Doublejay4me!

CONGRATULATIONS! I will email you. You get to select from a Thin Within book, donated by Joe and Pam Donaldson of the Thin Within Company, a Hunger Within book, donated by Arthur and Judy Halliday (authors and founders of Thin Within) or a week of one-on-one coaching with me. This is our last week of contests until June! I hope you will all continue to post and encourage one another!


We began our Ditch Your Scale Challenge 8 days ago. This is day 9. Have you made it this far? We have 5 days left to go!

I have to admit. I have NOT made it. Not at all! I am somewhat surprised, too! Maybe I need Kim to come and take this scale from me like she did the last one! 🙂 Oh, Kiiiii-iiim…LOL!

I leave on Sunday for a very LOOOOOONG trip and won’t be on a scale again during all that time (at least through May 9!), so I will have to deal with it cold turkey! I am going to be prayerfully evaluating what is going on with me to make me so dependent on the scale. While it isn’t like it used to be, it certainly has a feeling about it that I don’t care for! I have discovered that I have minimized any need for concern…which…er..concerns me. True confessions!

So, let me ask you: What are the challenges you have been facing staying off the scale? Anyone but me struggling with this? I started this challenge so cocky!

Have you tried renewing your mind about it? I must admit that it feels like there is SO much I am renewing my mind about these days that I will never get going on life each day if I keep renewing my mind about everything I have unworkable beliefs about! LOL! I need to renew my mind about renewing my mind! HA! Then I won’t make such a big deal out of it, I am sure. I can renew my mind when I am driving, when I am showering, when I am waiting in lines…it doesn’t have to be a big deal to be powerful!

What truths have you used to replace the thought that “I must weigh or else I will _____” ?

I love what one of our participants said…that she is choosing to stand on the promise that God will complete that which he began and that she will resist checking on His progress! I love that! Maybe I need to paste that ON my bathroom scale. Yes…that is a good idea.

What else can we do to cooperate with God in resisting the call of the bathroom scale?