So glad to have heard from some of you about your experiences with TLT online program, including the one person who shared with joy about her experience. I do, however, continue to feel strongly that the best approach for most of us will be the printed workbook.

II wish I had posted about Day 2 at the time that I was going through it because it was one of those days where God was on a theme with me. I did write about it in my journal (not online). I was in a lesson of my Beth Moore study, A Woman’s Heart God’s Dwelling Place and it dovetailed so beautifully with this particular day’s teaching in TLT workbook.

The title of TLT Day 2 is “Desire of the Heart — Fullness and Satisfaction.” Really, in my entire journey…which I have called my “Thin Within Journey,” the teaching in this day of TLT has been vital. If a person can understand this truth, they can truly be on their way toward experiencing the freedom that Christ purchased for us.

Ecclesiastes 3:11 says that God has placed eternity in the hearts of men. There is a God-shaped hole that only God can fill. Yet we continue through our lives searching and stuffing different things in this hole. They never quite cut it so we continue the quest. Of course, actually allowing God to fill the hole that only he can fill requires humility.

Anyhow, this is something God showed me years ago, thankfully, yet bringing it home in my own life, actually fleshing it out…well, that is definitely another story. Yesterday was a good example of this. I was extremely emotional for a variety of reasons (none of which were hormonal). Add to that I ended up in physical pain (minor compared to many people). I was weak and vulnerable. I knew that my heart was empty and needed filling but I refused to bow! I refused to go to the living water, to the bread of life…I dug in my heels and acted like “What’s the point?”

I confess this now…and truthfully, food had a great lure for me yesterday that I don’t often experience. It is one reason why I know that I haven’t “arrived” by any stretch of the imagination. I still struggle, because if I had had my way I would have been on an eating fest all of yesterday.

Day 2 of TLT speaks to this tendency to try to quell the tide of emptiness with anything other than the Lord. In my journal, I summarized Day 2 this way:

My heart longs to experience fullness and satisfaction. The God-shaped hole needs to be filled with God alone. Food won’t do it–my glory (praises of people and accomplishments that I am proud of) won’t do it. God alone will do it. This is why I must be prayerful. Apart from inviting Him to satisfy me, I will continue to experience that emptiness.

Practically Speaking: In moments where I am intensely aware of my emptiness, do I choose to turn to the only one who can fill me? Or do I turn elsewhere?