When I first saw the trailer for the movie Despicable Me about a month ago, I thought it was the most ridiculous thing I had ever seen. My 16 year old daughter and I were arrogantly dismayed that our society could call such tripe “entertainment.” We were certain we wouldn’t be caught within 15 miles of a theater showing that movie when it was released.

Even so, just two days ago, there we were…my daughter, son, my cousin and his wife (and ME), celebrating Daniel’s birthday at the movies, watching Despicable Me. Hmm….how is it that a “Plugged in Online” review could get us to change our minds so readily?

I am embarrassed to say it, but I actually loved this movie. . And this is coming from a woman who *hated* Toy Story 3 (only because the dolly with blinking eyes put me over the edge…).

Somehow, Despicable Me was the stupidest movie I have ever seen and I also laughed more than I have in a long time. The message–that anything can be redeemed–is also powerful.

So, while I laughed a lot, for a brief moment, I also cried.

It was the scene where Gru thought he would never ever leave the girls…and I had a flashback–they seem to be coming thick and fast lately–to when my own parents tried to have me placed in a foster home. My parents were medical professionals. They had money. But they didn’t want me. That has stuck with me. I guess I felt like it was all explained by taking on the belief that I was just plain old Despicable Me. So in that scene, where the girls were wanted, I felt poles apart from them…and was reminded that I wasn’t wanted–not by my human parents.

Listen, O daughter, consider and give ear:
       Forget your people and your father’s house.
 The king is enthralled by your beauty;
       honor him, for he is your lord.
Psalm 45:10-11

The belief that I was rotten, worthless, “despicable” accompanied me everywhere. The fact that I was rejected so outright…a castaway…well, I sort of embraced that. I assumed I was “despicable me” and lived like I was “despicable me.” Like Gru in the movie, I tried *not* to care.

Isn’t it something that God has placed Psalm 45:10-11 right smack in the middle of the Word of God ? I can see him cupping my face in his hands, leading my eyes to look upward into his own tender face…

“Listen…forget all of that…forget your mom, your dad, 
the wounds they inflicted, the labels they attributed to you…
Forget that. It is history…
I, the King of the universe, am enthralled by YOUR beauty. 
You are precious to me. 
Let THIS thought fill your mind and heart…
believe THIS. 
Live out of THIS truth!”

Which truth are you living out of right now? Are you living out of the truth that came from your past heartaches and pain? Are you allowing the rejections or name calling of your past to be where you find your identity today? Could this at all be why you struggle with eating, and body image? I know it is very much at he heart of things for me.

Will you join me in setting aside the past? Not in a superficial, “ignore-the-truth” sort of way. In the days and weeks ahead as we continue to study our way through the Thin Within material (even if you don’t have the book), we will see how we can do this most effectively and authentically. But it really does begin with making a choice. Are you open to see what God may have in mind for you now and for your future? It may mean stepping out of the comfort zone. Our comfort zone, as comfortable as it is, may actually be a hindrance to us.

I am praying for you. Will you pray for me? I really need it. 🙂