Well, yay. About 5:30pm and hubby got hungry.

This “meal” is pastrami, mixed with barbeque sauce, with pepperjack cheese, heated up in the microwave. Then it is put on a french bread roll.

I don’t know if these pictures do justice to the portion difference. But here is the description:

1.) First one is a full-sized roll (about 8 inches) on a dinner-sized plate, filled to the gills with the pastrami-sauce-cheese mixture sitting on another slice of pepperjack cheese. I would have easily eaten the whole thing in October of 2006 and chased it with dessert!

2.) Second image is what I actually served myself…not quite half of the sandwich in the first picture. Hubby got the other part, a bit more than half.

I put it on a salad plate…again, my habit, but you probably can’t see the difference in portion size! Oh well!

3.) What was left when I was no longer hungry…hubby had a bite of that and the dogs ate the rest…Gosh, I have done a food log for me, for hubby, and for our dogs here today! LOL! Unless I miss my mark, I may be hungry again by 9pm. (Are you all cringeing about what I eat in a day? LOL!)