WHOOO HOOO! I am celebrating!

After the mishaps with my doctor (actually a nurse practitioner) during the past month (of which I wrote briefly in the previous blog entry) and since I have never been very happy with my doctor there, I asked for recommendations from local friends and got one for a doctor who also happens to be a Christian man. Yay! I met him today for the first time.

I must confess that I called my previous doctor “Dragon Lady.” I have written about her here, here, and here.

There can be no doubt that I needed to get a new doctor a LONG time ago. But it took the medicine mishaps of the past month to get me to finally do it! It was scary what they were doing to me with prescriptions!

So, today, I had the joy of meeting Dr. Vince Licata. He smiles. A LOT. Nothing like Dr. Dragon Lady! In the course of conversation, do you know what he said to me? He actually referred to me as being about at my ideal size…he didn’t even LOOK at the number from being weighed today! (Neither did I, given my current insanity.)

 I LOVE THIS MAN! He just looked at ME. He mentioned that I was clearly “athletic.” Can I KISS him, now?

Why was Dr. Dragon Lady so mean?

I certainly don’t see myself the way the new doctor does, but (pinch me, please!) this man is now my DOCTOR! I can die happy! LOL! I mean, if *anyone* could give me a non-biased, but professional, objective opinion, I think it would be him. It isn’t like I went shopping for a doctor who would say these kind of nice things to me. 🙂

How about you? What non-biased, objective statement might someone use to describe you? Is it possible that others see you very differently than you see yourself? As with my former physician, are there “unsafe” people in your life that God might want you to get distance from to act on godly boundaries?