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This week, the prize is a FREE downloading code of Rebecca Bryan’s CD. Susan Bradbury, one of the most encouraging ladies I have met online, is the winner of this week’s prize. Thank you, Susan, for contributing here at the blog where we hope to establish community so people who don’t use Facebook can enjoy interacting with one another.

Thank you, Rebecca, for your contribution of this week’s prize.

This coming week, the winner of the drawing will get to one item from these options:

  1. A paperback copy of Hunger Within, by Arthur and Judy Halliday. This book is an updated version of Silent Hunger, Thin Again, Get Thin Stay Thin (the publisher keeps re-releasing them with new names). Hunger Within, though, has some updates.
  2. A pdf version of Thin Within Workbook#2
  3. A pdf version of Thin Within Workbook #1 and Temple Toolkit

Starting now, if you post a relevant contribution 🙂 here at the blog–either responding to a blog post or to someone else’s comments on a blog post–your name will be entered into the drawing on the 25th.