When we feel like we can’t do this thing, when we think we won’t manage life today…Good! We aren’t supposed to be able to do it all in our own strength. We are *supposed* to need Him. When we feel like we can’t manage the “self-discipline” to do what we need to relative to food, eating, an active lifestyle and honoring God with our eating and drinking…GOOD! We are *supposed* to be utterly dependent on Him in the moment.

Let’s do what Max Lucado encourages us to do and turn setbacks into opportunities. If you binged last night, flip it on its lid. Instead of condemning yourself, view it as an opportunity now to grow in dependence on your Savior and Lord. Let’s do this together. THIS is what the Lord is after! Not independent perfection (which we can never attain…), but DEPENDENT need of Him and reliance upon His Spirit.