“UGH! What is on your laptop keyboard?”

My husband’s voice emitted disdain and disapproval. I am just sure he wondered how I could be so careless as to allow “gunk” to find it’s way to the keys.

Confident that I could put him in his place, I lovingly replied: “Look again. It isn’t something ON the keys, those spots are where the finish on the keys is WORN.”

“You are kidding!”

I have only had this laptop since October–that is IF memory serves…and it doesn’t typically, so I can’t be too sure about how long I have had it and how quickly the keys have become worn on those three spots.

Here is a close-up shot of the keys that are worn. Go ahead and do some super sleuthing…What keys are most used on my laptop keyboard? 🙂

Look closely. There are three letters…and what words do these three letters spell?

(In case you can’t see the photos, the keys are E, A, and T which can spell “EAT” or “TEA” or “ATE” or…????)

I wonder if there is a message for me in this…

I know…God is telling me to EAT!

Hmmm…maybe not. Maybe he is telling me to start drinking TEA! (I hate anything that tastes bitter–even lettuce, let alone tea!)

Or maybe he is telling I already ATE, so quit already! 🙂

Or maybe he is telling me I blog and post at the TW forums FAR too often about EATing and ATEing! 😉