Image Courtesy of iStockPhoto

Image Courtesy of iStockPhoto

So, you have done it again, huh? You have started another study “fresh.” A “brand new start” you told yourself. “This time, I am going to do this right!” Yet, here you are again. You didn’t even want to come to this blog today. You didn’t want to see everyone else crowing about how wonderful they are doing and how great the study is. All you can see is what YOU think is your “big fat failure”…again. You want to throw in the towel and just plain ol’ quit. Once again, you did what you always do (you think). You flaked out before even the second week of the study had come and gone. You wonder why you should bother to keep trying?


That’s right. I said STOP IT. (Do I sound mean? I really don’t intend to!)

What you have always done before, maybe, is quit when you have “failed.”

THIS time, you can offer your failure to the hands of the Redeemer and watch him take your failure and turn it into a victory. That’s right…your binge…even the binge that seems to have lasted two days or two weeks…you have come up for air. For some reason you are here. Right now. CELEBRATE THAT! WOOT!

You don’t need to wonder who has been spying on you and feeding me secret information about what to write for a blog post. 🙂 Not at all! I can write this because so many of us have been there…and ARE there. You are NOT alone!

You can STOP it NOW. You will NOT do what you have always done. What you have always done, perhaps, isn’t what you think. You may be frustrated with yourself, all right. But the “what you have always done” isn’t the binge or the purge or whatever else. It is the quitting *because* of it. And you don’t HAVE to do that this time. You can emerge a victor, more than a conqueror. You do NOT have to quit, but can, instead, say “That was just a step or two (or 7) backwards, but now I am moving forward again…” That’s right….get back on the horse today, my friend.


Harley and Heidi Try to Rebuild

The photo above is of me in 2007. One of the things that motivated me to get serious about my weight loss in 2006 was, I am a bit embarrassed to say, I had horses. My lifelong dream had finally come true and I had allowed myself to get so heavy that I thought that I shouldn’t ride them. Harley had bucked me off. That’s right. Bucked me off. One of the first orders of business for me in the spring of 2007 after I had lost most of the weight was to work with a trainer to help me overcome my fear and to help Harley overcome his! I had failed but I had to get back on the horse. I was better for getting back on. So was he.

You and I live in a Genesis 3 world. We will NEVER be free from sin and sin’s pull on us. We will fall off our horses. Even after a week, a month, or a YEAR of doing so well! We can still fall! But we don’t have to let the fall win. It doesn’t have to dictate what will happen next. We have a great Redeemer. He can take our failures and turn them into teachers of truth. We can actually be better as a result.

Think about it. The cross looked like the biggest failure in history. The disciples must have wondered, “But it wasn’t supposed to be like this.” Satan croaked with glee, thinking he had won. Then, Jesus blew the lid off the grave and salvation was purchased for everyone. That is the way a Redeemer works. He takes what *looks* worthless…what *looks* worse than that, even…and turns it into beauty for all eternity.


Right now. STOP IT. 🙂

You are NOT going to quit. You can’t!

We love you.

More…GOD loves you.

Now, press that restart button. Wait for physical hunger the next time you eat.

And evaluate dispassionately what has been happening to cause you to slip, to fall, to face plant. Consider what event triggered the challenge. How did you respond emotionally? Why? What is true in this situation? And what can you do to plan for success the next time, even if the next time is 5 minutes from now?

So, what do you think…can you do it? Will you?