…let us throw off everything that hinders…
Hebrews 12:1b

The video below may be very hard to watch. Supposedly no horses or people were permanently physically hurt or killed in this video (there is no bloodshed).

The video is of a pleasure driving class. Fancy clothes, fancy horses, fancy “buggies,” and a wreck. A BIG wreck…

Horses are prey animals. They are hard wired to think things are chasing them to eat them. The fact that they ever pull something behind them safely is an amazing thing. But, given one scary moment, what often happens is the switch is flipped in their mind and instinct to survive takes over. They aren’t just afraid they will be *hurt*, but are convinced they will be gutted and killed by whatever it is that is behind them (one reason I don’t think I will ever ride in something pulled by a horse).

What I see in this video is precisely what I have been doing in my life…Blinders on, racing through life, afraid of what seems to be chasing me. I don’t seem to realize that I carry it with me. I have wrecks constantly, taking out innocent bystanders along the way. Just what damage do I do…?

The safest thing is, of course, to stop the forward momentum–to be still. To allow my “Handler” to remove the cart, the baggage…and to free me from what ails me. He will remove the blinders, too. He will enable me to catch my breath, to see clearly…what I was running from like an out-of-control locomotive is something I bring with me. I have to let Him show me this or I will keep doing it…without meaning to.

I can blame others all I like, but the truth is…I bring it all with me. I must let it go.

This is what God has been doing in my life over the past couple of months…showing me that I have been bringing very “quiet” baggage into my life. I didn’t even know it was there, attached, stuck to me. Suddenly, when I DO realize something is there, I react! I want to run! I MUST escape!!!

It has affected how I have responded to circumstances (like doctor appointments or conflicts at church). I have been *reacting*…or what Get Thin Stay Thin calls responding “reflexively.” A knee-jerk sort of thing. In fact, with conflicts and struggles at my church, it has even caused me to want to escape…to run for all I am worth–JUST like the horses in this video. “GET ME OUT OF HERE!” Truly, safety is in the center of the ring with my Handler helping me to see that, when I am with him, all is well…the cart that is attached can be removed, the blinders removed…the baggage unpacked. I can be unencumbered. I can see Truth. I can breathe.