Chapter 2 of Get Thin Stay Thin makes quite a case for the fact that in spite of our tendency to think that we need to restrict ourselves and deny ourselves and insist that we eat X number of calories or fat grams or points even if we are hungry beyond that…that this is not the path that will lead to freedom. So often, this “rigid restraint” actually serves to more deeply imbed the dysfunction.

God’s way is the way of resurrection.

Jesus said, “I am the resurrection and the life” (John 11:25). God’s gift to us is resurrection–restoration and recovery. Recovery from disordered eating is not only possible, it is what God intends. He brings life out of death, restores the broke, recovers the lost. GTST, p. 35

If you are toying with (or totally committed to) the “diet” approach, consider if it has served you in the past or just caused further difficulty. The approach endorsed by Get Thin Stay Thin or Thin Within may be the “long way around” for some of us, but it is the one that treats the deeper cause. God wants to get to the root of things. He wants to move in and flood the empty places in our hearts so we never want for anything other than Him and HIS will for our lives. This way, we won’t just replace what food does for us with another counterfeit.