Sometimes it is easy to get so fixated on ways in which I go awry, off the path, fall off the wagon, wander astray…that I fail to realize how much God has done in my life. I feel that he sometimes gives, as a gift, a reality check to remind me of where I would be apart from him.

This morning, I awakened just before the alarm went off and my thoughts went to “Oh, no! Re-entry! I can’t do my life this week.” I turned it to a prayer, “Lord, please help me to be able to know what is from you to do, what to let go of and to truly be able to simplify my life as you have been leading me to do.”

Then, I eagerly wanted two things…1.) A shower 2.) my quiet time.

Before my feet hit the floor the Spirit whispered to my heart how far He has brought me that my first thoughts were these. While I am someone that God has wired to depend on my quiet time and to love it first thing in the morning, often in the past, my first thoughts upon awaking would be 1.) What will I eat? (no regard for hunger) and 2.) Gotta have my diet soda!

I don’t think about those things any more when I wake up. This is HUGE. Today was a great illustration of this and I must rejoice at what the Lord is accomplishing. He IS at work. He IS doing a new thing. He IS completing that which He began…just like His Word promises.

What can you see in your life as outward evidences of His work in your life? Take a moment and ask the Lord to help you to have eyes to see how far He has brought you. Ask to see yourself and your life with HIS eyes and take a moment to praise Him. Even if you feel you come up empty, can you–in faith–praise Him that even now He IS doing a new thing in you? That He IS completing that which he began in you? 🙂