Thin Within has taught me nothing if not to listen to the voice of God as he speaks personally to me. John 10:4 says that Jesus’ sheep follow Him because they know his voice. A reasonable conclusion from this verse is that Jesus speaks! If we listen, we will hear him! Isn’t that astounding?

       This is what the LORD says:
       “Stand at the crossroads and look;
       ask for the ancient paths,
       ask where the good way is, and walk in it,
       and you will find rest for your souls.
       But you said, ‘We will not walk in it.
– Jeremiah 6: 16
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When he speaks, we can listen and hear him. We can choose, like those in the passage above, to reject his instruction. Or we can embrace that road to which he calls and embark on the adventure He has in mind for us.
I am at a crossroads in my life. Truthfully, it is time for me to stop saying, “Lord, I hear you directing me to go that direction, but this one is a good one and is so rewarding, so I will just put you off a bit longer, ok?” 
I do this and go on about my business as if it will be fruitful service for him! This is deception.
So, God is calling me to lay some things on the altar. Eating what I want and when I want it…sure. I have some practice with that. 🙂 Doing what I want and when I want it…well, truthfully, I have been using good, wonderful things to run from that which is best. The good, wonderful things give me a reward…a sense that I am “ok” in my skin. I don’t feel so “good” or “successful” from the things that I want to run from.
Here are the facts about the things I have been running from: 
1. They don’t define my worth and 
2. “Success” isn’t measured by perfection, but by faithfulness.
It is time for me to be faithful.
I want to encourage you who visit this blog to embrace this concept, too. How “well” you “do” Thin Within (or anything else, for that matter) doesn’t define your worth either! Your “success” isn’t measured by your strict adherence to 0 to 5 eating. Are you faithful to return to the Lord again and again when you stray? Do you humbly receive his loving rebuke and discipline and prevail upon his grace instead of your performance? That is faithfulness. That is what we are called to, my friends!
What about in other aspects of life? Say in your workplace or home life and in your friendships? These principles are true there, too!
So, in the days and months ahead, I will try not only to listen to the Lord, but also to heed God’s call–to follow my Savior. I will continue my postings for our book study and anything else that he leads me to post. 
As I help my 18 year old son finish his graduation requirements for high school and begin college, as I encourage my wonderful (but perfectionist) daughter to survive new academic challenges that she will face enrolled in Liberty University’s Online Academy, as I strive to love my husband so much better by just being there for him–really present–as I choose to bless my home, myself, and my family and friends by giving attention to our home and keeping it hospitable, I will be doing that to which God calls. I will miss the good thing that I have enjoyed while escaping from the challenges, but I will know that I am doing what is best.
This isn’t a good-bye. Not at all. This is the call to a new adventure instead. 
How about you? What might you be running from? To what do you run? Will you choose to listen to the voice of your Lord as he tells you which way to walk? What will that look like for you?