If you believe what you read or see, then all there is to grabbing a hold of joy or happiness is some chicken nuggets or Sara Lee cookies or cakes!

I have finally figured out that my joy and happiness are NOT somehow connected to a frozen cake, or a package of “donnettes” or…a HAPPY MEAL!

The way to shangri-la is NOT the drive through!

But I wonder if I don’t subtly still buy this message:

“Ice Cream – An Excellent Source of Happiness”

“The Joy of Eating: Cheese Enchiladas!”

Can you identify?

This totally relates to where I have been with processing the material in the Get Thin Stay Thin book. Instead of rushing earnestly to a diet coke (“But I LOVE my bubbles!”) or to whatever tasty treat would satisfy my “sweet tooth,” I see more than ever that God wants me in those moments to “Be Still and Know that I AM God…”

It is hard to do this. I mean, I can joke about how ridiculous it is for me to look to food for happiness, but honestly…I still do it. That is all there is to it. There is a big work yet ahead.