In March, I continued to journal (pen and paper journal…) my way through Get Thin Stay Thin by the Hallidays–formerly published as Silent Hunger and Thin Again.

This is what I wrote on March 23rd, 2009:

I think I’m only now beginning to “get” the imagery of the grave clothes used by the Hallidays in the Get Thin Stay Thin book. Over the course of my life, I’ve been wounded, hurt, mistreated, made mistakes…that is who I think I am deep inside. I have this sense that I can’t let this stuff come out so I keep it all tightly bound in grave clothes of denial, substance abuse (food), numbing out, getting angry or sad. The unwrapping of the grave clothes is the getting rid–ever so slowly–of the things that keep who I am hidden away, bound up, “under wraps.” It is being willing to welcome the stench of decay–opening up the deadness underneath, to be exposed to God’s healing air and light. It’s being willing to have respect for who I am and the experiences God has allowed in my life enough to stop muffling it all–to let it really surface and to bring it all to Him–allowing him to give me new life JUST AS I AM but with HIS redemption of it all.

It is daring to allow it to surface so that it can be healed in his way, in his time.

On another but related note, I jotted the following in my journal as well:

The question is NOT “What will gratify my desire immediately?” but is instead “What will satisfy my hunger for God and His righteousness?”