Yesterday, after I hashed through so many of my thoughts and presented them to God and wrote them up here, I turned to do the preparation for my live Thin Within group that a friend of mine and I lead on Wednesday nights. We assigned chapters 2 and 17 for this week’s assignment. Chapter 17…it is on gratitude. I will share some thoughts about that later today if I have the time.

But as I opened to chapter 2, God surprised and delighted me with what I read there. It struck me as if I had never read it and I felt God’s Divine approval for having poured out my heart. These are the words I read:

“…with the freedom comes a responsibility to be honest with God. When you are honest, He meets you and true growth happens.” (page 18)

I know that I need to offer my struggles to the Lord. I know that discontentment is a sin and must be confessed. I also know that authenticity is invaluable. I simply will not stand for presuming that God is like an earth father in a dysfunctional family “You didn’t hear what you heard, you didn’t see what you saw, you didn’t feel what you felt, you didn’t know what you knew.”

No, my God is different from that. He wants my struggles presented to Him…like broken pieces of a much prized possession, I offer him the fragmented thoughts of my mind, the shattered remnants of a heart broken. He will do His will in me. I am willing.