Much of today’s post will be written by YOU in the comments! I hope you are ready to join in! 🙂

First, put on your holy  imagination! Pretend we are on a picnic in the middle of nowhere…enjoying a crystal clear blue sky, the music of the meadowlark, the clouds drifting lazily by, and the majestic mountains in the distance. My living room wasn’t available this week!

Yes, I captured this week’s “group session”–our first for our study of Healthy Eating and Abundant Living–while on the road trip with my son! I was thinking of you non-stop as I drove over 4000 miles and so when I saw this view and the relatively quiet opportunity to record some thoughts roadside, I grabbed it!

So, please get your bible. Open to Psalm 139 because we will read it together! Just like we would in person! (If you are an email subscriber, you may have to visit the blog in order to view the video.) – In time, I hope to get better about lighting and all. For now, just know I was TOTALLY enraptured by the joy of being in that beautiful place, imagining you all with me and reading this glorious Psalm!

Are you beginning to believe what God says about you yet? That you are fearfully and wonderfully made? 🙂

If we were sitting together…all of us…on a lovely picnic blanket under the azure sky, I would ask you the questions in our books:

  • What does “wonderfully made” mean to you?

And just because I am a maverick, I might also ask:

  • What does being “fearfully made” mean to you?

This blog and website has been a wonderful place for many of us to share in ways we don’t often with people face-to-face. But in person, I would ask a challenging question, suggested, again, by the authors of our book:

  • In what areas of your life have you been living in the dark?

Some of us are giving in to tickling the back of our throats again…

Others of us are using laxatives in order to move the (usually large quantity of) food through our systems quicker so as not to absorb it.

Some of us may be “riding the zero”…more than we know God would have us.

We hide our eating by sneaking fast food in the car and then coming home and having dinner with the family as if we haven’t just had a full meal.

Or it might be another way completely.

Jesus tells us in John 8:32 that knowing the truth sets us free and, although he was talking about his teaching specifically, there IS a principle that we can draw from this verse…and it is that running from truth or hiding from truth is not the way to freedom. Facing IN to truth is.

Here is another thought…your truth…is with a little “t.” What if you were to let God TRUMP your little “t” truth with His BIG “T” TRUTH? Your truth may be true (then again, it may not be), but God’s Truth supersedes and overrides and commands all other little “t” truth.

What do you think?

  • What scares you about living in the light?
  • Have you hidden your struggles with food and your body from God and others?

Have you visited the Accountability page here? Do you have a prayer/accountability partner yet? How is that going? What can I do to help you with that so that you no longer feel the need to hide, but have someone that is praying you through and that you can support, too.

One of the amazing things in God’s Word is the principle that when we minister to others, our *own* healing takes wing! We experience healing in deep places in our lives when we support, encourage, and minister to others (see Isaiah 58:8-12). Connect with someone and give it a try!

  • What are your thoughts about being knit together, stitch by stitch, in your mother’s womb? What does that say to you about the God you serve?
  • How can we pray for you in the week ahead?

Get your typing fingers going and chip in below! 🙂 I love seeing you minister to one another!