This week definitely got away from me, and I didn’t post to the blog as much as I had hoped. But I did complete my study! So, as promised, let’s do the “Group Study” here. Feel free to imagine us sitting in a living room together, your favorite beverage at hand…let’s go ahead and share as the Lord leads!

Dear Heavenly Father, please be with us in this “virtual living room” as we study from the HEAL book and your Word. Please show us what we should share–to know what is from you and that you want us to post and what might need to be pondered privately in our hearts and offered to you. May you be King over this technology in our lives. We proclaim you LORD over this blog and over this study. Thank you, Jesus, for providing the way that this can happen. Be exalted. Amen.

What are some thoughts or questions that you have as you read over Psalm 139? If we were in a group together face-to-face, we would read it out loud together and chat about each verse as we go. What might you feel led to share about? How did this psalm strike you? (Refer to page 31 of the HEAL book.) If you don’t have the HEAL book, please feel free to share anyhow!

The authors state on page 32 that there are important lessons from Psalm 139:
1.) God is familiar with all our ways.
2.) We are fearfully and wonderfully made.
3.) We were made in absolute intimacy with our Maker. Our heart hungers to return to this place if intimacy, peace, and solitude before God.
4.) God’s eyes saw our unformed body.

Can you respond to these? Do they “strike” you in any way in particular? How do these lessons affect (or how *can* they affect) the way you view yourself or your body?

Share your personal experiences regarding your weight, eating habits, and body image. Specifically discuss what you wrote in response to the three reflection from your personal study this week that began on page 22 and 23 under “My HEAL Journey.”

For those who don’t have the book, but who want to join in, we were asked in the HEAL book to consider our relationships with food and our body and to answer:

Where I have been…

Where I am now…

Where I want to be

I want to hear from you! Let’s share here. 🙂
Part 2 coming tomorrow.