Hi, Girls! 🙂 (Using Allie’s name for her group participants! :-))

Imagine that we are continuing our study in our “virtual living room,” enjoying getting to know one another a bit better. Freshen your coffee or tea and get cozy for part 2 of our HEAL study! 🙂

  • What does being “wonderfully made” mean to you?
  • In what areas of your life have you been living in the dark?
  • What scares you about living in the light?
  • How have you hidden your struggles with food and your body from God and others?
  • Reflect on the miracle of being knit together in your mother’s womb.

I spoke with Judy Halliday a few months ago about Psalm 139 and she stated a concern that many women have a tendency to think that because of things done to them in their lives or because of poor choices they have made, they have somehow negated the truth of Psalm 139. Some people, Judy shared, are convinced that, while the Lord may have made them “fearfully and wonderfully,” that now, after the way they have chosen to live, they are no longer that wonderful, amazing work of art that God intended. What would YOU say to someone who says she believes this? Is this truth? Or a lie? What IS the truth? If someone believes this, what can she do to practically change her thinking? Why is this important to experiencing transformation in the area of food, eating and our view of our bodies?

As you reflect back on the week and lesson one, your journaling, the things the Lord may have shown you in His Word or in the stillness of your time with Him, what does He impress upon you now? What words might HE want you to share here at this blog? Other participants will read your comments and others who are only “lurking” might be encouraged or challenged by anything that you have to say as well. What is in you to minister to others that God may want to have you “put out there?” Prayerfully consider this!

Lord, thank you for this material. May we allow you to use it to truly do a “new thing.” I pray, too, that others would join in. Even though we have gotten started, may other women who might be encouraged through this material join in…whether they have the book or not, Lord. I pray that we might all draw a bit closer to your heart and that you might join us in the bond of Christ, even in the many locations we find ourselves. I pray that we will find a way, choose a person or a method, that we might BE accountable to take babysteps forward. Where we have tossed food down our throats in an emotional outburst in the past, I pray we might even catch ourselves and stop and pray instead and leave the house, if need be. If we have engaged in any eating disorder behavior such as throwing up after a meal, I pray we might stop in our tracks as we head to the bathroom and surrender our next moments, thoughts, and steps to you. Help us to celebrate our babysteps forward, Lord, knowing that these delight your Father’s heart. Thank you that, through Jesus, we can approach the throne of grace with confidence to receive the mercy and help we need in our times of trial. In His Name we pray, Amen.