These little chapters have a lot in them! 🙂 We may not finish in the 6 weeks that I had originally proposed. 🙂 Of course, please go at whatever pace you prefer.

This week’s (or however long…) assignment:

  • Continue to memorize Psalm 139 if you have chosen to do so. How about turning it into a prayer of praise. For instance: I praise you, God, that you search me…that you know me. That you, Holy God, are willing and able to be intimate with me. Thank you that you care about every detail of my life–even when I sit…which I seem to do a lot of, Lord! You also know when I get up! Help me to get up for your glory, Lord! Etc…You could take a few of the verses each day and pray this way. Just a thought!

  • Work on the Action Steps that you established for Level 1. If you are comfortable doing so (as the Lord leads you), do the same for the other levels. Try to make some headway in level 3…waiting for physical hunger before eating. Evaluate what happens when you do this and deal with what surfaces that may be related to levels 1 and 2 (relationship with God and relationship with food).

  • If the Lord leads, apply an action step in level 4. Journal how you feel about making a beneficial food choice. Does it cause you to stumble? Is it too soon? Or do you love having the freedom to select beneficial foods when you are hungry? 🙂 Tell us what you discover here at the blog!

  • Work through Lesson 3: Healing Your Hunger on pages 55-67 of the HEAL book. If you don’t have the HEAL book, take the time to check this blog each day. Journal your responses to the posts/questions posted here or respond here at the blog. Consider establishing your own blog to chronicle your journey, if you haven’t already done so!

  • There is a lot in this chapter that is vital. I plan to post frequently. I am loving this material! 🙂 So visit regularly!

  • Don’t forget to pray throughout this experience! Practicing praising God for his attributes can transform a life! TRULY! It helps get our focus off of self and on to the one who IS BIG! 🙂