Here is the assignment for the lesson 4.

Answer here at the blog: If you have been memorizing all or a portion of Psalm 139, how has this been affecting you? Do you find yourself believing the truths in this passage more? Do you believe that you are fearfully and wonderfully made? Is this affecting your ability and willingness to trust your body’s hunger and satisfied signals?

How is it going with regard to applying yourself to the “Seven Super-Practical Steps of Healthy Eating” mentioned in this blog entry and on pages 66-67 of HEAL? Are you experiencing *more* heart or head hunger as you turn to food less often for other needs and use food only to nourish physical needs–stomach hunger? Share it with us here so we can pray with you and/or journal about it with the Lord.

  • Continue to do the “7 Steps of Healthy Eating” and evaluate how you feel emotionally, spiritually, and physically as you do.
  • Read through the material in lesson 4 on pages 73-85.
  • If you don’t have the HEAL book, consider getting it! (I really think this is an amazing, power-packed little book!)
  • Prayerfully begin to evaluate “What do I really hope to accomplish in my life relative to my body (physcially), my walk with God (spiritually) and my emotional well being (emotionally)?
  • Evaluate and write out as you ask the Lord “What am I willing to do differently in my life to experience the realization of these goals?

Again, to combat our flesh’s tendency to make this be all about our bodies, take time EACH day to praise God for his attributes, his character, his actions on your behalf, and to thank him for things in your life specifically. Have a praise party each day and see how gratitude can transform your life from the inside out!

  • Report here through the week about how all of this goes for you and what you notice!