Begin to think of what you will do next as you contemplate this journey through the HEAL book coming to an end. What will you study next? What will you do to reach your goals and objectives to be healthier physically, spiritually, emotionally? Plan now for what will come next. If you have an accountability partner, you could plan together. If you don’t have an accountability partner, consider prayerfully asking someone to help you in this way. It can make a world of difference! It is so easy to remain STUCK when we isolate. Ask God to help you have the humility it may take to partner up with someone for 3 months and see if he does something amazing!

Read and work through Lesson 6: Abundant Living, found on pages 105-113.

Keep visiting here at the blog regularly and participate in the comments option. In this way, you solidify anything God is teaching you and also minister to others who visit and see your comments–even for months to come!