NOTE: I posted three different things yesterday. Sorry to bog down the blog, but each seemed of value: 1.) Part 2 of the Group Study from HEAL Lesson 1. Feel free to respond here at the blog even if you don’t have the book! 2.) A post on dieting 3.) a video–If you have a young girl in your life, please share it with her.

On to today’s post (Don’t worry! I won’t be posting more today!…or I guess I should say, I don’t plan to!):

Hi, girls! Even if you are joining us late, feel free to use the blog here to record your responses. Many of us will receive email notifications that someone has posted to the blog and your comment will be read, prayed over, and possibly responded to.

  • Continue to memorize Psalm 139, if you have chosen to do so.
  • Read and pray over/journal through, respond to 🙂 Lesson 2: The HEAL Basics, on pages 35-48.
  • This material describes the “nuts and bolts” of how we are challenged to eat. Begin to apply the principles presented here. Consider, journal, pray over how it feels to let go of dieting rules. Are you willing to truly trust your body and the God who designed your body? 🙂
  • As you begin to do this, consider what are ways that you discover a “dieting mentality” rearing its ugly head through the week. For instance, you may try to diligently eat according to your body’s hunger and satisfied signals and feel like you are “failing” and are tempted to “Start over” or to “Quit.” These are thoughts that come from dieting. In the Lord’s economy, every single solitary moment given to him, every tiny little choice and babystep taken in a Godward direction, delights His heart! Continue to ask the Lord to show you when you are giving in to a dieting mentality, even in subtle ways.

I want to encourage us, as I did with the last study I did here, to try to focus on the Lord through this. The more we focus on our bodies, eating and food, the more it can actually drive us nuts and become a wall between us and the Lord! If we take captive constant thoughts about food, eating, and our bodies, and, instead, become intentional about praising God for his character or thanking him for things, we will find our journey transformed–WE will be transformed!

If you have a bathroom scale, I suggest getting rid of it or, at the very least, giving it to a friend to keep for you so you won’t hop on it over and over again “just to check.” I know from experience that jumping on a bathroom scale can actually DEFEAT all that you hope to accomplish. It is a tool that very often harms us, rather than helps. Pray about it, ok?

Have a blessed Lord’s day!