Hi, folks! YES! I will begin the HEAL book on Monday, October 5th! I will try to go slow enough to linger 6 weeks…that should take through Thanksgiving or just about. But I have so many other things to share…yes yes yes…the journey through the wilderness…the focus being getting OUT of the wilderness…God is showing me so many things! 🙂 I am glad that others are being shown this too! I don’t feel quite so “out of it!”

I must confess that I have waaaaay overextended myself in personal commitments. Thus, the reason I haven’t blogged much. I haven’t even ridden my horses! Today was the first time in over a month! You know life has gotten too crazy when I won’t take my time with my ponies! 🙂

I hope to write more tomorrow or this weekend. I hope some of you will join me as we study HEAL by Allie Smith and Judy Halliday!