Hi, folks. Got back from the Thin Within conference and it was such a delight. Joe Donaldson did some amazing teaching that I hope to share here a bit.

I am on the run this morning. I plan on taking Breezy out on a trail walk. Nothing major, but enough to see if he might enjoy it. I know he gets in a funk (like me!) when he doesn’t get out. So we will venture out on a short, flat trail ride or walk. I need the exercise!

Thank you for your prayers and emails!

Some of you have emailed me that you have seen the latest Health magazine–the July/August issue. You found page 47 where Thin Within is mentioned! YAY! I am so thankful that God made sure that this little article on “mindful eating” included a mention of a “faith-based” program…Thin Within! I hope others will discover Thin Within and–more importantly–the truth that sets us truly free!