Hi, everyone, from sunny snow-covered South Lake Tahoe! My family and I have been on vacation since Tuesday. I hope you can see the video segment above. Ordinarily, I am not one who likes to be photograhed or video taped…but this video in particular demonstrates the physical freedom I have found since releasing 100 pounds. In the past, I would send my family off to the snow without me…I couldn’t bear to try to lug my 250 pound body up a hill, only to provide a comedy routine for any cruel onlooker as I flipped and flopped all over myself coming down the hill. So, I never went on the snow trips with my family.

This has been a BIG event for our family. They don’t know why I never wanted to go…and I haven’t told them. But I did want to chronicle the silliness now that I have released the weight and my self-consciousness.

I wish I hadn’t waited to lose weight before enjoying my family in the snow. But no matter. I am enjoying it now! Thank you, Lord!
Below is hubby and me enjoying the snow together:

And this is my daughter and I enjoying the snow. There is NO way I would have even TRIED to put me and another person in a saucer or sled a couple of years ago!