If you have been with us for the past week or so, then you have noticed I have sort of been doing a “series.” My desire is to break things down into babysteps.

Part 4, however, isn’t so easy as to plow right on without giving a bit more focus to it. Frankly, I think it is vital, the key, everything hinges on it..

Am I willing to wait?

When my emotions rage, am I willing to ask the Lord, “What is this about?”

When I know that I really can’t be hungry just yet and I am drawn to food, am I willing to sit still, BE still (in my spirit, body, *and* mind) and say “I am waiting for YOU, Lord…in YOU I place my hope.”

In the past few days, I have noticed that some of the answers to these questions for me have been very intriguing. God has faithfully been showing me what is up with me and that *food* definitely isn’t the answer.

“Why am I drawn to food right now?” has had such varied answers as:
* I have worked hard and deserve a break.
* I won’t be able to eat when I get hungry.
* I am afraid of rejection and food will somehow make rejection easier to take.
* I can TOO do what I want! I can eat what and when I want! That will show ’em! (Whoever “’em” is…)
* I am hurting and I just want something to make me happy.
* I am physically hungry and my body needs fueling.

I am sure I am probably missing some. But what about you? What are answers to these questions that you have discovered as you have waited? Have you been journaling, waiting 5 minutes before you eat?

If you are like me and many others I have talked with, usually there is a pattern. You will begin to discover that each time (or almost each time) a certain something happens or you have a certain feeling you will find yourself thinking about food. This is a GREAT place to be!

If that hasn’t happened for you yet, continue to wait 5 minutes before eating. Journal prayerfully how you are feeling, what you believe in the moment, and ask God to speak HIS truth and jot that down, too.

See if, over the next few days, you see a pattern, too.

Meanwhile, also continue to eat only when your body needs fuel…when there is a physical need for food.

As you do, evaluate if your emotions about things are a bit more intense than usual? If they are, evaluate prayerfully what this could mean in your life and what God may intend for you.