First, order the “Ooey, Gooey, Rich and Chewy Brownie Sundae” at Chevy’s restaurant.

Be sure to have the waiter deliver it with several spoons or forks.

Then, be sure to blink at least once…presto…the dessert will be gone…as your family members will be sure to inhale it while you blink.

When you open your eyes, dessert will be gone and you will be eating the Thin Within way! Just a taste is all it takes! (BIG SMILES!)

In the picture above, I am seated…wondering what happened to the tasty dessert I ordered. Left to right around me…my wonderful husband, Bob. (Isn’t he cute? LOL!) Top of the picture is my cousin, Bob. I don’t think he got a taste either! He is naturally thin. Now we know why! Then to the right of me is my 13 year old daughter, Michaela…caught in the act! Daniel, my 15 year old son, blinked too…he missed getting a bite!