As much as we try to avoid it or control it, hunger–both physical and spiritual–is a good thing. It is a constant reminder of how dependent we are on God to meet our every need. Our hunger gives us a continuous opportunity to draw near to the One who is our comfort and source of life. HEAL book, page 56-57

It is SOOOoooo much easier to focus on externals like body, weight, our food…than it is to focus on what is really going on…the deep things, like the heart hunger.

By focusing on externals–our diets, our weight, our eating or not eating–we avoid confronting the real issues in our lives: our fears, unresolved grief, emotions, relationships, rebellion, and insecurities. HEAL, page 57

In what ways does this statement from page 57 resonate with you in your life?

In the HEAL book, this statement is followed by this question: “Who or what has hurt you the most?” We are then encouraged to ask God to show us how these people or experiences have affected our lives. I want to urge you to do that right now. But do so allowing the Holy Spirit full access to you, your heart, your mind, so that he might minister to you personally.

What do you think this may have to do with your quest to change physically, emotionally and spiritually? You can ask the Lord about that as well.

I found that the answers to these questions have had a radical impact on how I view food, what I “use” it for, my relationship with God, how I view my body and a whole host of things…all that impact me at varying levels. Some people may minimize that there is any need or value in analyzing this, but God has shown me that I don’t operate in a vacuum. These things have predisposed me to experience difficulty with food, eating, and my body. Sin is still sin, true, and I must choose to repent each day of my life of the sin I have committed, but understanding some of the “why” behind my struggle has actually helped me to do this as well. God’s kindness leads me to repentance. Understanding that I am not crazy, but that there are *reasons* I struggle, helps me so much!

When I ask the Lord to show me the root of these things, as painful as his answer(s) may be, it is in that place where true healing may begin to take place.