There is a honeymoon period for many of us with Thin Within. Are you in the honeymoon phase? If so, rejoice! But prepare for what is ahead!

Others of us know what I am talking about….WE HAVE HIT THE WALL! YIKES!

I think one reason for the wall is because as we seek to submit our heart to the Lord, he begins to make it clear he is going to get into our business…he wants full complete surrender. When we sense that this is the case, sometimes we begin to rebel again. Then the Lord begins to purify…like a refiner’s fire. Oooooh…it can really hurt quite a bit as we see just how proud and arrogant we have been.

But as we submit to this process we begin to once again submit our eating and our choices within 0 to 5 to him…we begin to desire to honor him with the choices in all of the things in our lives. We no longer compartmentalize things…but allow him to truly invade our lives completely…

The process IS hard. Harder than it is in the beginning…but it is effective. It is a heart change…a thinking transformation as he renews our hearts and minds. We have to allow him to change the way we think about food, our bodies, eating…and ultimately everything.

He will show us how forgiveness will unlock some of the things that hold us captive to eating when we aren’t hungry…but we have to walk through the valley of the shadow of death…It WILL get hard…but it works.

I am a slooooow learner…well, no…I am rebellious and allowed my rebellion to go on quite a long time. (Even now I struggle with it…) God began the Thin Within phase of my journey SEVEN years ago!!!! But it wasn’t until 13 months ago that it really began to “work”…I see now that all the time that came “before,” He was working on many things that weren’t physical…but boy…if I had given up because of not seeing the physical results, so many other things He has accomplished would never have happened.

Anyhow…if it has gotten hard…HANG IN THERE! This IS a new thing, too! Cling to Him and ask Him to work complete surrender in your life…He will do it…I believe that.