It occurred to me…like a “No duh!” sort of moment.

I have made this about the food and about the weight…again. Wow. Interesting.

When the motivation for this journey…for keeping to the path…is physical or in any way focused on ME, it just isn’t enough.

The only valid reason for this journey is to glorify God, to honor and exalt Him, to walk in holiness and purity. Gluttony is a sin–plain and simple. I know people don’t like to call it that, but the bible (God!) certainly does. I would be wrong to “pull punches” and to try to minimize what gluttony is.

Everyone tends to define it differently, too…but for me, gluttony is born in the heart. It is an attitude of greed, of insisting on MY way, MY rights, MY food with a focus on all of that and MY body instead of humbly bowing before the Lord.

So, with this realization afresh in my heart this morning, I will focus on the Lord (again). I will quit trying to control MYself and MY eating and MY food in the way I have been. I am just not motivated to do it for ME.

But if I realize that whatever I do–even eating or drinking–I can do it for *GOD’S* glory…that is huge. If I ask him…beg him really…to kindle a heart in me ablaze with a yearning to bring him glory and to make him known, to delight him and in him…to love him with a burning zeal that affects every choice I make…well, I think there will be headway in the choices I make in life…He will not look upon that request with contempt, certainly. I think he will answer!

It is about so much more than food, body, clothes…Gosh…I think someone said something like that before… “But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness and all these things will be given to you as well…” 🙂