God is really encouraging me though the One in a Million bible study (available at Lifeway.com along with the individual use download video sessions for the study) and also through John Piper’s book Future Grace.

Has God worked in your life to show up in ways that have encouraged you in the past? Join me in giving glory to God for these things…and then let’s take that knowledge that he *has* shown up in the *past* and anticipate…He is going to show up again…today! Let’s have faith in future grace!

I was all “worked up” about today…leading worship without a full “team,” but God has shown up in the past and He has challenged and encouraged my heart…He will show up now, too. He will put His peace in and through and upon me. He will work. He IS at work! He doesn’t need a “full worship team” in order for HIS “ducks to be in a row!” LOL! He has hand selected (for his purposes only and they are above anything I can imagine) just who will lead worship this morning. So I will delight that he has a perfect will and that I just happen to get to participate in it. Butterflies in my stomach are about ME taking my eyes off of HIM. This is ALL about HIM!

Lord, be worshiped today, be glorified, remove any pride or SELF-consciousness and replace it with humble, God glorifying, GOD CONSCIOUSNESS!

What a great trade! 🙂